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New York City Real Estate Market Undergoing Market Correction

Following a period of intense bidding wars in 2015, the real estate market in New York City is undergoing a market correction. Residential sales in New York City have decreased by 18.6% year over year, while inventory has increased 8.2% over the same period. There are multiple externalities which may arise as a result of […]

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Brexit Benefits New York City’s Real Estate Market

In the 12-month period ending in June, foreign investors spent $25 billion on New York City commercial real estate, compared to just under $25 billion in London. Investment in the City of London decreased 36% year-over-year. In previous years, London’s commercial real estate market was intensely bolstered by foreign investors. One organization, the Qatari Investment […]

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Construction Starts 2016

The sounds of hammering, sawing and banging as new construction starts in many American metropolitan areas, are like hearing dollars being injected into our national economy. According to information from Dodge Data Analytics, the total for commercial and multifamily construction starts in the first half of 2016 was $80.6 billion. And despite nine out of […]

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