Construction Starts 2016

Construction Starts 2016

The sounds of hammering, sawing and banging as new construction starts in many American metropolitan areas, are like hearing dollars being injected into our national economy. According to information from Dodge Data Analytics, the total for commercial and multifamily construction starts in the first half of 2016 was $80.6 billion.

And despite nine out of ten major markets posting increases, the national average shows negative growth (-5%), due to the impact of New York City. New York City’s 2015 construction starts were unusually high, causing the growth rate to be negative in 2016. So we should all revel in recent construction news that show metropolitan areas across America experiencing rising housing and construction new sales and construction permits that are all on an upward trend.

construction-starts-2016This data illustrates a trend many in the business know to be true; markets beyond the ‘salty six’ are experiencing tremendous growth, as investors look outside the major markets in search of greater returns. Growth is largely fueled by demographic changes. Income levels in Georgia are growing at a faster rate than the national average: 1.46% in Georgia, compared to 1.04% nationally. Dallas and Denver are similarly experiencing high income growth, at 2.05% and 4.83%, respectively. Population growth is also powering a higher number of construction starts; Dallas is the third fastest-growing city in America. We can’t ask for much better than that.

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