Brexit Benefits New York City’s Real Estate Market

Brexit Benefits New York City’s Real Estate Market

In the 12-month period ending in June, foreign investors spent $25 billion on New York City commercial real estate, compared to just under $25 billion in London. Investment in the City of London decreased 36% year-over-year.


In previous years, London’s commercial real estate market was intensely bolstered by foreign investors. One organization, the Qatari Investment Authority, purchased The Shard, Harrod’s, Canary Wharf, and a quarter of real estate in London’s elite Mayfair neighborhood.

The British exit from the European Union is having serious ramifications for the real estate market in London. Many firms which chose a London office for access to the E.U. market are leaving for Frankfurt, the German financial hub. Other companies are transferring to Berlin, Amsterdam, Dublin, or Luxembourg. Frankfurt is the primary choice due to its superb infrastructure, convenient location, and comparably low property prices.

Before Brexit, New York City and London were on equal footing, as both enjoyed reputations as international cities and financial hubs. New York City is benefitting from decreased interest in the London market, as seen in the statistics provided above. As investor interest in London’s real estate market continues to shrink, New York City is poised to become the undisputed king of the hill. The City of London will hurt as its economic market shrinks from the European Union to the United Kingdom. New York City remains tightly woven into the fabric of the United States.

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